Most popular devotional bhajan Gurudev Daya Kar do Mujhpar in hindi

Meditation has helped me to form all my other habits, it’s helped me to become more peaceful, more focused, less worried about discomfort, more appreciative and attentive to everything in my life. I’m far from perfect, but it has helped me come a long way

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Importance of Amalaki Ekadashi | Vrat katha in Hindi – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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Significance of Maha Shivratri | The Hunter & Deer (2D Animation Story)

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Fair Account Of Supreme Being

Prernamurti Shriji in these excrept of Satsang has revealed , the fruit of divine karma must be left to God and to be free of expressions that ‘I do’, you will be attained to anchoret in this birth

A human being breathes twenty-one thousand six hundred times in a day, then you can imagine how many times a human being would have breathed by the time he reaches the age of sixty… million – billion times, if God sends us on the earth with several million breaths, then of course, He would ask for the account of that too, my son! He would ask ..the breaths which I gave you and for which they were being used? If utilised for the purpose of Realization of God i.e for Me, then you are entitled for bonus. If not, misused  at the wrong place, will be taken away.. just be sure. When our biological parents can take account of the ten rupees given by them to the child, then the Almighty will not take account of 21,600 breaths per day, how can you even imagine? Those millions of breaths will not be taken into calculation. He does so because He loves you. If a son of some unknown plays the cards for 10 rupee, a mother who does not belong to him would not be bothered but if her own son does the same she would not tolerate that. Whenever a divine incarnation takes place on the earth, they look like normal human beings like you and us. When Saints are incarnated, it is not that they consists of four arms or four legs. They are just  like you and me. Lord  Krishna was not incarnated with 4 hands but only with 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 legs just like you. God has created his children with breaths, mind, senses, conscience, so that he could understand what’s what? Why there should be chanting, meditation? Then your life starts towards the advancement and all.  God feels proud when you receive His joy.


If parents can take account of the ten rupees, millions of breaths in your 60 year life given by god, won’t be forgotten. He remembers it very well. So your life becomes advanced with least desires in your life. One must enjoy life according to you destiny. Bhagwad Gita propounds that, do your deeds as your duty. One who doesnot fulfill his duty, one  who is escapist won’t achieve to the Yog. One who becomes monk or sits in Haridwar, Who were in the household; and usually do not worship, rather roam with the rosary, put rosary in Gomuki and wandering in Haridwar. They are not doing their duties. Might be rosary to be a sure means of achieving Parmatma (Almighty) but by solely doing this will not attain to god. Whatever the duty you get to perform; one must think ,how better can I do? And the fruit of divine karma must be left to God and to be free of expressions that ‘I do’, you will be attained  to anchoret in this birth. So when there is a lack of desire , you live happily. The wood is light and it floats in the water, iron is heavy, it gets drowned. In the same way, if you have less desires in your mind or heart , you will be able to better swim in the ocean of materialistic world.

The above life inspiring words are the excerpts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowned spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and socialactivities.clickfor Youtube channel here.

Divya Putra(santan) Prapti ke upay in hindi :prernamurti

Right Time For Pregnancy

its not about just producing a child bt a desired child. right time for preganancy- DIVYA SHISHU RATNA
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